Delivering Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through Innovation & Technology Excellence

A culture of continuous innovation and advances in technology are widely recognised as crucial for success in a hyper-competitive future, benefiting both consumers and businesses. However, crafting the products and services of the future presents formidable challenges. That is why it is vital for companies to rise to the occasion and overcome these hurdles, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in the face of uncertainty.


Crafting the circular products and services of the future

Companies are currently facing existential challenges and find themselves at a crucial juncture that will determine the future course of their business. Two prominent examples of this need to reinvent are the automotive and mobility industries. Net-Zero initiatives, China's economic influence, and Artificial Intelligence are just a few of the topics currently shaping decision-making and are of paramount importance.


We believe that technological advancement and embedded innovation are the keys to success in an uncertain and rapidly changing environment. That is why we support our clients in navigating the uncertainties of sustainable, “product-led” transformation. We use our expert industry perspective to develop business ideas and visions. We define successful portfolios, superior platforms, best-practice processes, and outstanding products. In mobility and beyond. We enable excellence in research and development as well as in program implementation. Together, we strategically approach the ultimate test: the market. All for a brighter, more innovative, and sustainable future.

How we can support you

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation

How innovative is your business, in reality? How do you stay one step ahead in a competitive environment dominated by innovation? Ensure your business model, products, and services are the talk of the industry, securing your place at the forefront – or a clear route to an industry leading position.

Today, even the most successful businesses face unprecedented challenges in sustaining their competitive edge. In a fast-paced and complex political, social, and environmental ecosystem, disruptive innovation is a necessity.


How to leverage uncertainty and turn it into competitive advantage?


Tomorrow, the uncertainties of today will be the business realities of entire industries. Together with our clients, we create future businesses that capitalise on the multiple challenges that lie ahead. Since being innovative is easier said than done, we closely support our clients to identify and implement the best way forward. In the end, organisations and their culture create the environment in which ideas grow, become products and services – and are ultimately rewarded with superior market success.


What is your next big thing?


Innovative business models, products and services emerge from structured processes. We support our clients in reinventing themselves around organisations and processes geared towards thinking and working differently. We deploy a tested innovation toolkit including the proven Innovation Cell™ approach to craft your next big thing in a joint effort.

Sustainable Product Portfolio & Go-To-Market

Sustainable Product Portfolio & Go-To-Market

What does your future product portfolio look like to give you a sustained competitive advantage, meet your net-zero obligations and achieve a robust, circular business model? Transitioning from an existing product portfolio to a consolidated and future-proof line-up creates specific challenges that we help our clients to navigate.

How will you stay one step ahead of your competitors?


We know that maintaining competitiveness requires many factors, and the market’s competitive intensity is changing more rapidly today than ever before. We work with you to understand your industry, markets and products; using tried and tested strategic frameworks we steer you through a product-led transformation process. On this journey we take a holistic view of your enterprise including triple bottom-line impact, supported by expert technical capabilities.


How can we really do it?


Fully invested in your future success, our team collaborates with you to create tailored step-by-step actions that will bring your organisation along for the journey. With a strong implementation focus we get the job done, whatever it takes. We help clients deliver new products, enter new markets and implement new business models in the most pragmatic way, across numerous industrial sectors.

R&D Performance and Excellence

R&D Performance and Excellence

R&D efficiency is key to delivering innovative products and services on time and on budget. How can you enhance your R&D performance? Do you know the keys to successful improvement? Picture a world where your company leads in innovation and efficiency. How can you get there? By combining process excellence, strategic technology decisions, and a focus on empowering your people. Ready to step into the future of engineering excellence?

Accelerate your time-to-market to world-class levels.


Fulfilling customer requirements with differentiated products quickly is a key success factor in all industries. Four areas are critical to achieving this:

1. Accelerated development cycles with streamlined and efficient R&D processes to significantly reduce development time

2. Rapid innovation implementation enabling quicker iteration and introduction of innovations into the market

3. Efficiency in problem solving and decision making

4. Optimised resource allocation, ensuring your researchers and engineers are working on where they have the most impact on speed and innovation


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way products are developed.


Researchers, product managers, and developers are experiencing a revolution in their work processes due to artificial intelligence (AI), especially generative AI. These tools enhance engineering efficiency, enable novel applications of generative design principles, and leverage vast product data.They assist in requirement setting, balancing product attributes, and simulating design outcomes without physical prototypes. AI toolsets automate the generation of design variations in modular product structures and facilitate rapid virtualization of prototypes with automated test case generation.H&Z has over 120 experts in digitisation and has supported many clients in using AI and Machine Learning (ML) to revolutionize the way they operate. Let us know if you are interested in a demo.

Holistic Product Lifecycle Management & Extension

Holistic Product Lifecycle Management & Extension

When development projects are repeatedly delayed and the R&D department becomes the bottleneck in value creation companies often have the feeling that they are drowning in their own efforts. And while everyone is shifting their development model to agile development, many are faced with the problem of how to make this work for "hardware". There are many situations in which existing structures slow down a company. 

Strengthen product portfolio and innovative strength


The reasons are usually obvious: technologically demanding products, evolved architectures, a large, complex installed base. In contrast, it often remains hidden in everyday life how the causes can be quickly remedied. Making products less technological? Hardly. Rebuild the evolved architecture, reduce the technical debt? Hardly worth paying for. Reduce complexity in the installed base? You have obligations to the customer. Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe, but there are ways in which large and small organisations can breathe again and make the most of their innovative power. Together we find the right way out of these blockades. The special thing about our approach: We do this together with the employees. It's hard to believe, but: This is fun - for the decision-makers, the staff and for us.


Product Life Cycle Analysis


To ensure that the efforts are worthwhile even in the short term, we look at the product life cycle as a whole and ensure that the company shines in the medium and long term. In addition, we look at the areas within the product lifecycle - concept, development, portfolio management, maintenance, etc. - in order to solve existing problems. Is there a vicious cycle of firefighting and building up technical debt that we need to break? Are there one or more root causes that need to be addressed? We identify the root causes and set the course for the future.

Winning Platform Concepts, Modularity & Standardisation

Winning Platform Concepts, Modularity & Standardisation

How do you manage the challenges of rising competition, increasing cost pressures and rapid changes to customer expectations? Has your product portfolio ballooned as you try to meet the demands of every niche segment? Have product development costs and time to market grown, even as product quality has slipped?

Empowering OEMs and Suppliers with Modular Solutions


Companies in automotive and other industries, need to think smarter about their product portfolios. It is no longer operationally or commercially feasible to develop products ground up to meet every niche segment, but the breadth of competition means that any customer that isn't addressed will be addressed by a competitor product. We support companies in developing and implementing modular systems and platforms that exceed customer requirements, at the right cost and time to market.


Enhancing Efficiency Through Modularity and Standardisation


The concept of complexity reduction, modularity, and standardization often presents a struggle for companies. The recent history of industrial production has seen a rapid increase in product complexity, driven by dynamic changes in consumer choice. The levels of complexity driven by these heterogeneous products impact all steps of the value chain – product development, engineering, manufacturing, procurement – with concomitant impacts on costs and time to market. The “one product” for “one market segment” approach is no longer fit for purpose. Rationalising portfolios and eliminating duplication and complexity are essential for companies in the automotive and other industries, yet they must achieve this without a tangible impact on customer choice or brand characteristics.


We have a deep understanding of the technical and commercial tradeoffs required to define winning approaches to modularity and standardisation. With our support, OEM and supplier clients have been able to develop hardware and software platform concepts that eliminate duplication, reduce engineering complexity and cost – while maintaining core brand attributes.

Unique enduring relationship with our clients with a strong implementation focus

Are you ready to redefine the future of your organization and the role it plays in its industry, e.g. automotive and mobility? To turn aspirations into achievements and lead with confidence in innovation and efficiency? Contact us today and take the decisive step towards becoming an industry leader that others can only aspire to be. Your path to unparalleled success begins here.

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