The Empowered Organization – is your organization well equipped to master today’s and the future’s volatility?

Working with the six key building blocks for Empowered Companies helps you set-up a future proof organization with a lean leadership structure.


With increasing market disruptions and instabilities, companies seek a way to cut costs and increase profitability by reducing hierarchy levels and increase management spans. The objective behind this is to transform into an organization that promotes as much value-adding work as possible and reduce meaningless work and overhead.


Freeing up speed and creativity with a new organizational design




This requires a fundamental new understanding of management and leadership moving towards a more self-organized leadership system. To do this successfully companies need to look at their organizational design holistically. 



6 building blocks of empowered organizations





We recommend reviewing the organization along 6 key maturity dimensions that answer these guiding questions: 


  • To what extent do we have a sustainable purpose & vision that serves as orientation and provides a clear focus for everyone?
  • To what extent do our structures meet requirements of the dynamics of our market environment and enable cross-structural cooperation and joint achievement of company objectives? 
  • To what extent do our processes and routines enable efficient use of our collective resources and allow for a high degree of adaptability? 
  • To what extent do we live a culture that promotes collaboration and innovation? 
  • To what extent is our leadership behavior leveraging the potential of the entire organization? 
  • To what extent are we nurturing our talents so that we can jointly master today’s and the future’s challenges?






Understanding your organization’s maturity levels in these 6 buildings blocks will gain a deep understanding about interdependencies between these fields and unearth key levers to address for a truly empowered organization.

Our Expert for Empowered Organization

Alexandra Pretschner

Alexandra Pretschner