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Erfolgreiches Agieren unter hohem Innovationsdruck

The telecommunications and media industry is reinventing itself – choose h&z as your perfect partner for the transformation process

Digitalization has radically changed global communications and the media landscape, and that transformation will continue. This is both a curse and a blessing, because more than ever the telecommunications and media industry is under significant pressure to change. 


New internet-based technologies, connected devices, cloud services and online entertainment have opened the door to new business models while questioning existing ones. In addition to new competitors, this industry is also faced with increasing network requirements and regulations. These changes mean that if you operate in this arena, you have to adapt while handling increasing cost and margin pressures. 


You can trust in our expertise, because h&z has over 15 years of management consulting experience with numerous international players within the telecommunications and media industry. We’ll help you put your organization on the right track for the future in a sustainable, holistic and value-added manner.

Our expertise for this industry

H&Z in der Einkaufsunternehmensberatung

Procurement and supply chain

Dominant manufacturers of connected devices and smart phones, along with strong brand awareness amongst customers, are shifting the balance of power in procurement and supply chains. 

Generating procurement advantages, while at the same time facing strong competition in the area of network equipment, requires the development of an extraordinary strategy process. There are numerous factors that have to be considered to do this. First, there’s the redesign and optimization of procurement and supply chain organizations, and the setup of global bundling organizations with efficient processes and clear interfaces. It also involves the creation of new formats for cooperation and negotiation, and producing sustainable cost reduction concepts, as well as the precise execution of price benchmarks for connected devices. Then you have to factor in network equipment, IT and supporting services. These are areas in which we act confidently, because our experts have been doing these things for many years. In essence, we have what it takes to successfully implement the necessary changes to your procurement processes and supply chain.

EBITDA und Private Equity

Operative excellence & intelligence

The increase of operative performance is an important building block to convince clients of your work. 

At the same time, the permanent cost and margin pressures are forcing established providers to find regular cost and efficiency potentials. As specialists in the area of business excellence, the H&Z team has a broad portfolio of successful measures at hand to increase your operative performance in all business functions. That includes, for example:

  • the analysis of administrative company processes and the identification of unused efficiency reserves using our highly effective LEAN approaches.c
  • the redesign of service organizations, including the support of outsourcing plans, 
  • the setup of shared service models or
  • supporting a convincing transformation approach from concept development to implementation with mobilization, and guidance of employees at all levels.
M&A for corporations

Retail, sales & service

The key to a successful relationship between companies and consumers often lies in the customers’ experience of dealing with a company. 

Telecommunications providers are now faced with the major challenge of adapting to changed market and customer requirements. The phrase ‘consumer journey’ strongly suggests customers must have positive experiences through all channels and during all phases when dealing with a company. 

One of our tasks lies in optimizing your sales and distribution strategies, as well as associated controlling mechanisms, to improve your portfolio of connected devices and accessories. Or it could be that we work with you to redesign the customer experience and connected measures to positively intensify customer relationships in all sales channels.

Procurement Transformation

New business models and strategies

Formerly secure revenue sources, such as speech telephony or newspapers, are becoming less relevant while new products and competitors are gaining vital market shares.

For telecommunications and media companies, this will mean regular reviews of previously successful business models and the realignment of strategic directions. H&Z can help you to develop new sources of revenue based on your existing know-how. Additionally, we’ll identify market trends and conduct effectiveness analyses. Our experts will provide the support you need to optimize your company’s product portfolio based on solid data analyses. So with us as a partner, you’ll develop new business models that will transform your business.

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