Energy and Utilities

Master the changes in the energy market with H&Z!


Challenges in renewable energy, Big Data, and deregulation can be solved with h&z as a utility excellence partner

As a utility excellence partner, we offer our clients in the energy and utilities market comprehensive support in the areas of strategy and business excellence based on well-founded industry know-how. We know the challenges inherent in the utilities market.


Declining revenues and low margins in the grid business, coupled with simultaneous deregulation and political conditions, have led to incalculable risks to which the energy businesses must react. Trust in our management consulting expertise in the field of energy and utilities and open yourself up to new growth opportunities.

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Growth levers

Renewable energy, strategic alliances, and remunicipalization are familiar topics in the energy industry. 

Yet many energy suppliers aren’t aware of their full potential. Uncovering this potential and devising the correct strategy for entering the municipal market, developing an efficient energy mix and advantageous, cost-reducing partnerships—these are the core elements of our work.

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Predictive services

Predictive Analytics is currently one of the most important Big Data trends. 

It deals with nothing less than the prediction of service developments and is a continuous, integrative process. As the models applied are further improved and adapted, predictive analytics is becoming more precise. The use of Big data and advanced analytics are revolutionizing service-oriented businesses and leading to a drastic increase in system availability. Together with you, we’ll lay the groundwork for profitable growth in the service business.


Digital solutions

It’s neither contemporary nor profitable to view oneself as a mere energy provider.

In the age of Industry 4.0, companies that do so are missing an opportunity to morph into solutions and services providers. We can use our competence in this area, and make use of the H&Z Digitalization Check, to examine, for example, your potential digital developments. Or we’ll analyze the potential to harness Industry 4.0 for your processes and structures with the goal of deriving a suitable strategy.

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Business performance

Often, energy providers struggle with outdated organizations and superfluous structures. 

It is our task to examine your company across the whole value add chain all the way to its strategy to identify cost reduction potentials and pave the way towards business excellence. Our experts accompany you when it comes to upcoming investments and transforming into a modern player at the energy market.

Our Expert for Energy and Utilities

Boris Wippermann