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Transform8 becomes H&Z.digital

With Transform8 joining the H&Z Group, the foundations have now been laid for close collaboration. Together, the two consulting firms want to accompany customers into a sustainable and digital future. We will work together with head, heart and hand.


Driving Digital Innovation: H&Z Group expands with Transform8 aquisition

The H&Z Group is expanding its expertise in the digital sector with the acquisition of Transform8, which perfectly reflects our values. We advise our customers with head and experience and think together into the future. Heart and passion drive us to find the best possible solution for you and to work together as equals. And our hand guides the technological and practical implementation by a specialist in business intelligence, data analytics and digital transformation.


Stefan Aichbauer, Managing Partner at H&Z Group:
“The investment in Transform8 at the end of 2023 was a first important milestone in the realisation of our growth targets. Both companies are a good fit in terms of consulting culture and complement each other perfectly in terms of expertise and skills.”

Transform8 Rebrands as H&Z.digital

However, this proximity of our values and symbiotic complementarity of expertise suggests more than just a partnership. To enable us to work even more closely together for our clients, we have therefore decided to form a single entity in terms of our market presence. This is why Transform8 is now operating on the market under the name H&Z.digital.

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Constanze von Lentzke

Constanze von Lentzke