H&Z supports Hapag-Lloyd in conducting supplier innovation workshops worldwide

In the dynamic world of global logistics, Hapag-Lloyd and H&Z collaborate worldwide with key suppliers and strategic partners. Converging in Singapore and across the globe for unified supplier innovation workshops, they're crafting a sustainable future through expertise, shared ambition, and efforts to build green inland transportation services.


We care. We move. We deliver.

Sustainability stands as a core pillar of Hapag-Lloyd AG's strategy. They have set ambitious global targets for a green and fair supply chain, understanding that this ambitious goal necessitates collaboration with their suppliers and partners.


With this commitment, they have joined forces with key suppliers and strategic partners across the globe to co-create sustainable solutions. As a part of this collaborative initiative, we hosted "Collaboration and Innovation" workshops in the vibrant cities Atlanta, Dubai, Genoa and Singapore.

Throughout these workshops, we:


  • Shared, discussed, and evaluated their respective sustainability approaches, gaining inspiration from one another's experiences.
  • Gained insight from the innovative and cutting-edge solutions that Hapag-Lloyd’s suppliers have already implemented to address environmental challenges.
  • Identified sustainability hotspots within their joint operations and activities, exploring where their collaborative efforts will make the most significant impact.
  • Established joint sustainability objectives and co-designed roadmaps to develop ground-breaking solutions that contribute to a greener future.


These workshops underlined the power of collaboration in achieving their sustainability aspirations, as well as more importantly paving the way for a sustainable future for all.  Big thanks to all the suppliers for sharing their solutions and success stories, and a shoutout to Hapag-Lloyd for trusting us. We're rooting for the company's move towards sustainability and hope their green shipping goals really take off.  

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Sven Steinert

Sven Steinert