May 9, 2023

Morning Briefing: Responsible Procurement

Responsible Procurement - procurement as a driver for sustainable supply chains. How are Hapag-Lloyd and others implementing this?


Sustainable Procurement

Today's successful companies need to build sustainable supply chains to achieve their CO2 targets. So it's time for procurement to take the initiative and see itself as the driver of a comprehensive sustainability approach to its supply chain. That is, sustainability from start to finish - from setting targets to integrating sustainability into decision-making processes and operations. But how exactly can this be implemented?

Key Highlights

In our award-winning book "Responsible Procurement: Leading the Way to a Sustainable Tomorrow", we presented pragmatic and proven approaches that had also been successfully implemented using real-life examples. Participants learned and discussed how they could successfully integrate sustainability into their procurement processes and supply chains in our Morning Briefing.

At our event, we talked about how sustainability had become a central element of Hapag-Lloyd's business model and how important it was to embed sustainability in procurement processes. In doing so, Hapag-Lloyd showed how the company used the concepts from the book "Responsible Procurement" and acted as a driving force for implementation in the Hapag-Lloyd purchasing organization.

Our expert speakers Martina Buchhauser, Sven Steinert and Daniel Braune, Head of Strategic Procurement at Hapag-Lloyd, shared insights on how procurement plays a critical role in driving sustainability transformation. 


Here are our top takeaways

  • Procurement is responsible for managing scope 3 emissions and has a crucial role in promoting corporate sustainability.
  • Procurement's purpose should be to become the leading driver for positive change and actively support their company in achieving sustainability targets.
  • Top management support is key in ensuring a successful sustainability transformation journey.
  • Leadership and an inspiring purpose motivate stakeholders to join and create a magic moment.
  • Collaboration with suppliers and leveraging existing solutions is crucial. 


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Responsible Procurement: Leading the Way to a Sustainable Tomorrow


Be part of it and shape the future of your company sustainably.

Daniel Braune


Martina Buchhauser

Martina Buchhauser