10 November 2022

First Fe&Male Networking Event

Full Fe&Male power discussing how diversity and equal opportunities are not just theory, but living culture.


Men have had a clear advantage in the professional world, now it's women's turn

More than 70 participants mingled to discuss how diversity and equal opportunities are not just theory but living culture. 


Elke Benning-Rohnke, former Chairman of the Board at H&Z and former FidAR Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte e.V. Vice President gave valuable insights into her own experiences on how hidden roadblocks can be overcome or even taken as an advantage on the way to a balanced career. 

Followed by a fishbowl - moderated by  Sandra Stoll - the panelists Birte Geltinger, Tatjana Utz-Erhardt, Frank Ehrenberg, and Elke Benning-Rohnke shared their observations and obstacles of their daily business and private lives.

With the culinary variety, the attendees exchanged many ideas on how to raise awareness and create transparency to reshape work, family, and career.


It is possible to have both a family and a career. 


We are looking forward to continuing the discussion and to further enhancing our H&Z Fe&Male Network.

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