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Harald Enz

Expert for Procurement

We rethink procurement, through Value Creation, Cost Out, Digitization and Sustainability. It’s in our DNA.

Harald Enz - Experte für Einkaufsthemen bei H&Z

Stefan Aichbauer


We see Sustainability as Opportunity, embedding in your DNA and supporting every step of the journey, from ambition to measurement.

Stefan Aichbauer - Experte für Nachhaltigkeitsthemen bei H&Z

Michael Santo

Strategy & Performance

We synchronise strategy with performance, through Growth, M&A, Operations and Digitization.

Michael Santo - Experte für Strategie & Performance bei H&Z

Christiane Novy


We engage the future through transformation, sharpening Purpose, Organisation, Cultural Change, Agility and Learning

Christiane Novy - Experte für Transformation bei H&Z

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H&Z HR Team für Kontakt & Karriere

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