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360-degree insights into consulting

Deep insights, an exciting environment, and always new topics: Immerse yourself in our world and experience consulting that focuses on people.


Get your first hand experience, what excellent consulting and real teamwork looks like.

When you work with us during your studies, you’re not just a student, but an official project and team member. You’ll work together with our experts and meet personalities with different backgrounds. Whether as a full-time intern for 3-to-6 months, or as a working student - we’re always looking for committed young people to support us in consulting or in our business functions such as marketing, finance, or HR. We look forward to meeting you and promise you an enriching time.

We want you to feel good. Benefits.

Home office opportunities

As a student you can also work flexibly from home.

Q&A session with consultants and project managers

With regular Q&A meetings, we make sure you gain even more insights into the work in consulting and are well connected.

Happy Monday regulars' breakfast

Take advantage of the monthly Weißwurst and Pancake breakfast to exchange ideas with other interns and working students.

Regular employee events

Whether it's a summer or Christmas party, or after-work drinks - we make sure that you’re well integrated.

Student specific training

We’ll train you in Excel and PowerPoint to equip you for your internship.

Snacks & Drinks

Whether it's yogurt, fruit, coffee, tea or sweets, we'll keep you supplied throughout the day.

Jour-Fixe with breakfast

In our weekly update every Friday, we share and discuss interesting content during a delicious breakfast.

Your career with us.


Your start: This is how we get to know students

A recruiting process is exciting, but don't worry: we take the time to really get to know you and show you who we are.

You’ll have an interview lasting about one-and-a-half hours with colleagues from the human resources department and from consulting. This will cover your CV, your experience, and your expectations. We’ll also conduct a case interview with you. We’d like to take this opportunity to get to know you as a person because we’re convinced: successfull project and team integration comes with good chemistry. We’d like to introduce you to our corporate culture and show you the learning opportunities you’ll have with us. Ask us anything!


If we have the feeling that you’re a good fit we’ll contact you within the following days and send your contract shortly afterwards.


We want to give you the best possible start from day one! That's why our onboarding will give you deep insights into our processes. You’ll get to know your mentor and student contact person and will be warmly welcomed into the large team of other students. And because you are part of the whole team, we'll introduce you to the company at our jour first Friday over breakfast and coffee.

We do not hire at a fixed date - so you’re welcome to apply any time. Be excited about your time with us - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

What our students say about us:


Zeina Bailoun

Intern Management Consulting

My internship experience at this exceptional firm is nothing short of transformative. H&Z members went out of their way to make me feel valued, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth. The welcoming environment, invaluable mentorship, and real-world application of skills demonstrated the firm's dedication to nurturing talent and fostering future leaders.

Benedikt Fischer

Benedikt Fischer

Intern Marketing

At H&Z, you are not just considered an intern, but a full member of an inspiring and close-knit family. The H&Z corporate culture is characterized by team spirit and there is no elbow mentality. One is given full trust and corresponding responsibility from the very beginning. If you need support, you can be sure that it is always within reach. We stand together and help each other to achieve great results.

Gina-Ayleen Wollnick

Gina Wollnik

Former intern & working student

I was never treated as an “intern”, but as a permanent employee and at eye level, and I was given a lot of responsibility on my project accordingly. It was not the classic “scrubbing slides” that you often hear about, but being in the thick of things, communicating with the customer and actively helping to shape things.

Tim Sweekhorst

Tim Sweekhorst

Former working student

I was assigned to projects alsmost the entire time and was able to take on active parts. I was in constant contact with my project team, so I was able to manage my workload in conjunction with my university commitments. Due to the positive atmosphere within H&Z, there was no need to be afraif of contact. All these factors led to my decision to stay with H&Z.


Marko Ivanovic

Former intern & working student

H&Z was an opportunity for me to make a positive impact on the world and drive change in a sustainable way. Our office, the HIVE, felt like home to me and it was always a great pleasure to work here with colleaugues and our clients.


Maximilian Pfeiffer

Intern Management Consulting

The internship at H&Z gives you an in-depth insight into various industries and sectors of the economy. As an intern, you have the opportunity to work together with your colleagues on the most diverse problems of customers in a solution-oriented manner. The constructive and pleasant exchange with colleagues is a great help for your personal and professional development.


Are there any rules regarding home office?

Since we have different working models and many employees and students are the customer during the week, it is difficult to formulate a general rule here. As a rule of thumb, we try not to be in the home office more than two days per week. Friday is particularly important to us - this is when we are obliged to be in the office, as we deliberately get together on this day to promote exchange and community. Deviations or exceptions are discussed with the mentor and are also possible. However, we recommend that our interns and working students be on site as much as possible, as this makes familiarization and networking much easier.

What does a typical working week look like?

We don´t have a “typical” week at H&Z - your everyday life with us will be very varied. Basically, hoewever, you will be working primarily for our customers on the projects from Monday to Thursday. This can be on-site at the customer´s location as well as in our office. Friday is the day when we all come to the office. We start here with a joint breakfast at our company-wide Jour Fixe, where projects or interesting topics are presented or the Executive Board gives an update on the company.

Do I have fixed working days as a working student?

Our working students receive a contract for up to 20 hours per week. We can discuss together exactly which days of the week you will work or be available. Good communication is important to us so that we know your availability for the project. Please let us know in advance if there are days on which you will definitely not be able to work, this will make it easier for us to plan.

Can or do I have to decide on a content focus?

We consult in the fields of procurement, strategy & performance, and transformation & sustainability. If you are interested in one field in particular, please let us know. We can take this into account in the distribution of tasks and the project staffing - however, it will not always work out that you will be assigned to your desired project. We try to provide you with an internship that gives you both deep and borad insights.

How many students does H&Z have and how do you get to know each other?

We usually have between 20 -25 interns and working students with us. In addition to our activities for students (e.g. breakfast, student jour fixe or Q&A sessions), the students often organize themselves for joint parties or trips. There is always something going on in the office, and many students like to get together and use their swarm intelligence to resolve mutual questions quickly. So you will soon find new friends.

Your contact person

Sarah Vatter

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Sarah Vatter