H&Z Unternehmensberatung again honoured as Hidden Champion

The services in transformation and procurement underline H&Z's strong competitive position; the aim is to become the European consulting champion for circular economy and sustainability.


H&Z has once again been honoured with the prestigious "Hidden Champion" award in the field of management consulting

The award, presented by the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB), recognises H&Z's excellent consulting services, which were confirmed in a comprehensive market analysis and through positive customer evaluations.

H&Z impresses with its outstanding services and innovative solutions, which contribute significantly to increasing the competitiveness of its clients. In particular, H&Z stands out in the key areas of transformation (1st out of 30) and purchasing and procurement (2nd place). The recognition as a hidden champion emphasises the company's ability to deliver innovative approaches that go beyond the services of conventional consulting firms. The WGMB study particularly emphasises customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of the strategies implemented by H&Z. This is the 5th time H&Z has been honoured with this award.

Harald Enz - Experte für Einkaufsthemen bei H&Z

Harald Enz, one of three board members at H&Z:

"The recognition confirms our strength in analysing and developing innovative solutions for complex challenges in companies. Our positioning in the area of purchasing and procurement, coupled with a unique approach to sustainable transformation, enables us to clearly differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive market and achieve above-average growth together with our customers"

Implementers, technical experts and visionary thinkers are in demand

The criteria for the Hidden Champion title are demanding: although companies in this category are not quite as well known as the large consulting firms McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Bain, they are active in the same market segment and must represent a serious alternative. The assessments were made by 1,055 executives from major German companies with an annual turnover of at least 500 million euros. Only a few challengers manage to operate successfully in the top segment of the market. This year, 30 consulting companies qualified as hidden champions. In view of the current business challenges and uncertain market situation, the WGBM believes that it is crucial for consulting firms to prove themselves as realisers, technical experts and visionary thinkers. The hidden champions are characterised in particular by their implementation strength, ability to work in a team, their ability to understand the needs of specialist departments and an attractive price level, according to the WGMB analysis.


Unique approach: consulting with head, heart and hand

H&Z was founded in Munich in 1997 as an independent consulting firm with the unique approach of "consulting with head, heart and hand". From the very beginning, the focus has been on sustainable transformation and demonstrable results for clients. The company has continuously expanded its market position over the past 25 years and has once again significantly accelerated its growth since 2020: Sales have increased by an average of 30 per cent per year since then. Record sales of around EUR 95 million are expected for the current year.


The latest strategic partnership with the investment firm EMZ Partners marks an important milestone in H&Z's history. EMZ acquired a significant stake in H&Z in November 2023 and provides strategic advice and support for the company's further growth. The partnership aims to develop H&Z into a European consulting champion for circular value chains and sustainability. In addition, this transaction offers around 120 employees the opportunity to become shareholders in the H&Z Group, representing one of the largest employee share ownership programmes in the European consulting industry.


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