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The non-profit sector is facing huge challenges. The digital transformation of organizations, declining donations, and new players and platforms entering the donation market will determine the agenda of non-profit organizations in the upcoming years. At the same time, donors are becoming more and more demanding and expect a high degree of transparency and participation in the projects they support. They are looking at an increasing number of offers, which reduces the loyalty to individual non-profit organizations and increases the importance of a clear positioning.

Our experts combine many years of experience in both the non-profit as well as the profit sector and help your organization to develop tailor-made solutions and support their implementation with their head, heart and hands.

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Thomas Zachau
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Amnesty International is the largest NGO in the world with about


7 million



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Donor Journey and Donor Personas:
Using Personas allows to take the donor's point of view and to accompany him/her effectively on the Donor Journey.
They help to efficiently address all (potential) donors with emotion and interaction and to find new touchpoints along their specific Donor Journey. Personas and their Donor Journeys are powerful tools to challenge and validate new marketing activities and campaigns.
Social media platforms are gaining massively in importance – today 93% of all purchase decisions in the profit sector are already influenced by social media.
The touchpoints in social media can reach almost all Personas. They will increasingly complement the analog touchpoints along the Donor Journey.
Positioning - "Your story"
A clear positioning strengthens the effectiveness of your communication measures and helps to differentiate yourself from other non-profit organizations.
The outcome is an increased awareness within the donors – and these donors will tell „your story“ to their peers. A great way to win new supporters and donors!
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