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For many years Special Machinery is a major industry and driver of economic development. Today, the same industry is faced with fundamental challenges that represent real threats to its future success. The main growth markets are located outside Europe, where there are different cultural conditions and market mechanisms to contend with. Competitive pressure from non-European market players are also on the increase. In addition, both after sales and service activities are continuing to gain importance, since this is where significantly larger profit margins can be found. Our deep-rooted industry knowledge of companies with a global footprint will help us at h&z Management Consulting to find the right mechanical engineering strategy for you and implement it with ”head, heart and hand“.

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turnover in the German Special Machinery sector​

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Digital Trends
Digitalization is also a development driver in this industry, both for production and service.
Industry 4.0, remote services and virtual reality are today’s buzzwords. The opportunities created by digitalization for new business models and additional revenues are real but they aren’t being tackled aggressively enough. This must change, but expert implementation is advisable. With our comprehensive digitalization know-how and our proprietary “Digitalization Check,” we will focus on the strengths and weaknesses in your company and point out the actions necessary, including how to implement them.
Process integration
Due to the high share of purchased materials in material costs due to raw materials, parts and modules, as well as services in the area of field assembly and services, integrated processes are essential.
In successful companies, procurement, development, product management and service work hand-in-hand to achieve an optimal cost position. So-called “over-engineering” is outdated. What counts are innovative solutions that consider both product efficiency and the product functionalities relevant to your clients.
Strategic focus
For products and services, the strategic focus on exports “Made in Germany” is now often complemented by a “local for local” mindset.
Individual solutions with active product portfolio management, strict variant management with modules, and standardization are providing opportunities for acting successfully and cost efficiently worldwide.


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