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Knowing that your money is in the right hands is one of the challenges of our time. We have strongly persuasive answers because it’s our employees that make the difference!

The reinvention of banks and insurances

The existing business models of financial service providers are under existential threat due to global trends, pressure from customers, price-pressured solutions from external industry service providers, and because of a shift in today’s age structures. In addition, the industry is changing as a result of digitalization.

Our expertise for this industry

Strategy & Performance

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Sven C. Schumacher
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Flexible & Digital Business Models.​

We offer field-proven end-to-end solutions along the customer process. ​ 


cash payments in 2020​

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Transformation in digital worlds
Bank and insurance branch offices continue to close.
They’re being replaced by new, integrated concepts. This is not only the birth of the branch office of the future, but a development for a new approach to financial business. Modern customer service is characterized by availability, no matter when, how or where, because customers now have multiple options for how they make contact and purchases. There is a demand for new ideas and flexible concepts. This is also reflected in the insurance sector when, for example, it comes to vehicle policies. We are seeing a trend towards increased individualization of insurance services based on behavior-specific data. Together with our network partners, we have created a deep understanding of these developments as well as new business areas such as telematics, networked cars and e-mobility. But above all, digitalization is an opportunity for banks and insurance companies to make their actions transparent on the internet and thus create trust.
Operational Excellence
Being able to do something really well doesn’t only mean being efficient, effective, adding value, and productive.
There’s more to it if you want to achieve the highest level of company performance. That’s precisely where our strength becomes apparent: clearly increasing product and service quality on one hand, and decreasing costs on the other. A primary lever comes from the IT support of business processes, and in particular, the process designs themselves. However, our expertise in operational excellence also lies in identifying decisive technological and social trends in the banking and insurance industries and their consequential realignment, as well as material cost optimization, loss analysis, segmentation, and lean management.
Sales optimization
Ensuring sales success is increasingly a matter of addressing a hybrid customer who needs to be appealed to both in a classic manner as well as digitally.
Digitalization will provide more and more comprehensive support to traditional business methods, and even displace them in part. In order to harness this trend and the changes in customer behavior that are inherent in digitalization, you probably need to realign your company’s sales structures. This is a continuous task undertaken in small steps that requires the courage for reduction. All existing processes and resources must be questioned on a regular basis and new measures must be reviewed. Small steps instead of big hectic jumps make this process smoother and harmonious. The key to continuous improvement is often the simplification of complex structures and measures. Our repertoire covers all areas of sales activation and controlling, sales compensation, sales realignment or restructuring and optimization of sales support, all the way to the rollout of a new sales concepts.
Organization development
Where there are changes to the external operating environment, new growth and business models will emerge.
A change in the company structure is inevitable in most cases, since it leads to more insights and knowledge by introducing a structured process. When further developments take place that enable an organization to react flexibly to external requirements, it’s employees who are the key success factor. We’re experts at this type of transformation or reorganization aimed at developing a new company culture. By offering measures such as the development of shared service concepts, company claims and service innovations, we’ll put your company onto the right path. We’ll transform the service mindset of your employees through tailor-made employee training courses and communication concepts.
Market strategies
Target setting, visions and the determination of principles at management level are elementary requirements for the realignment of a company.
The development of company and department visions, as well as leadership principles and tools, are at the core of our strategic actions. They’re also the keys to unlock successful interaction across the whole company. We’re very well positioned to deal with strategic questions. The growth strategies we’ve developed over many years have encompassed product, payment, support, and process/service initiatives, as well as structural visions and solid business plans.
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